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Recent Communications

Candidate Statements 2021 Board Recall

Short Term Rental – Tenant Information


Delegates Committee Charter


Request to Serve Delegate Committee

Queens Palms 2019

Queen Palm Removal Project Policy


Fairways Rules and Regs

Architectural Guidelines

Application for Approval of Plans


July 2021 Landscape Report

PGA WEST Fairways Homeowners Information Form

Homeowner Authorizations for Non-Homeowner Reps


Request to Serve Form

Postponement of Annual Meeting and Updated Board Meeting Information

September Manager’s Message, Community Update


Retention Records Policy May 2020

Election Rules Discretionary Provisions

STR Amendment FAQ


STR Overview

Candidate Form Recall

Citation Analysis 2020


Candidate Statement 2021

Amendment Certificate 2021

Recall Certificate 2021


Final Fairways Finance Commitee Charter

Committee Volunteer Form

Fairways Delegates Committee Charter


Final Architectural Committee Charter

Final Landscape Committee Charter

Going Green Form 2021

Fairways STVR Permit Response

Bighorn Sheep Barrier Notice and Maps